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The Rest of the Story…

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I had to share another..this is a supervisor at one of our clients who we placed there, here is what he had to say…

“I’m forever grateful to April – she found me this job you know. I had been talking with her on and off for a long time. I was unemployed for almost a year you know. I told her I didn’t have any printing experience and she said, ‘just go down there and talk to them, OK?’ and I did and it was good but then she called me a week later and said ‘You’re meeting with  the owner tomorrow’ and I said, ‘well I can’t, I have an interview tomorrow’ and she said, ‘No, you need to figure out how to meet with him tomorrow’ and so, I just did what she told me to do and I met with him. I called her and told her it went fine but I don’t think it’s going to turn into anything and she laughed and said, ‘well, I’m writing up an offer letter right now so it is something’ and then she told me I had to start on July 1st or something and I said ‘what the heck am I going to do for 2 days before the holiday?!’ and so, well, I started and I basically hung out for two days with the the owner and now look – here I am. This is the best job. Very stressful but very fun. When I hit 90 days everyone came out and gave me a round of applause and congratulated me. This is a family show around here, I really enjoy it and it’s been a helluva ride!”

What a great placement, he sat telling me about all of the transformations that have happened since he started and the difference he’s been able to make in the culture – we talk about “Fit” often, and this is a GREAT success story of finding the right “Fit”!

Happy Happy Friday!

Heather Farr,  Managing Partner – Story Lover


The Rest of the Story…

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I was inspired by Christmas Wish on the radio and Mom’s favorite Paul Harvey, so I decided every Friday this month – I’m going to share a story. Anyone who knows me well, surely knows that I LOVE stories and I’m basically a professional story seeker (ha! ha!) Today’s story is twofold, this is part I…

Dan (a recruiter) was being super helpful and talked with an employee and passed along the note that he wishes to get a raise. So I started emailing his supervisor…then decided that I’d learn more CALLING him. SO I did, and boy did I learn a lot. I had to share it..this is what happened:

The employee started with this customer on 11/21/2014 on a short term assignment doing packaging. He’s also has worked some short term stuff for us and interviewed several places without getting the job. He is a shy guy, a quiet fellow, found his way to us through Indeed, looking for $12/hr, needing the bus line, and after interviewing with us, we thought he was a GREAT REP! So he was placed at a client of ours on short terms jobs in hopes to land a long term position soon. He always returned to our client without missing a beat whenever they needed him.

Today, I checked in on his performance again, to which his supervisor said:

“He’s doing great – He is dynamite! in fact I’d like to get him hired! He’s stepped up to the plate. He has leadership qualities – you can’t even imagine. During this last 6 weeks of working 7 days a week, 12-14 hour days, I saw it come out in him. He’s dynamite! Stays on task, you can put him in with a group of people and he’ll lead the pack, he’s tremendous! I don’t know why I didn’t see it  before. He’s really stepped up to the plate, I am really impressed by it. He has really opened up my eyes. People get their switches turned on at different times. Maybe it was confidence, I don’t know. That’s what you like to see in people you like to see people succeed!”

 I’d like to introduce you to who I’m talking about – HE is just one of our RockStaR employees we get to work with every day. HE feels the difference in what we do, and HE is Willie G!

Now YOU know, the REST of the story :)!

Happy Friday!

Heather Farr, Managing Partner & Story Lover! 

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