Recruitment Director

April joined the Vision team in 2007 and has been recruiting since 2008. April earned a degree in Human Resources and Management from Winona State University, where she acted as HR Director for the campus newspaper. She has proven that each staff member brings different skills to the team, and that embracing each skill set allows Vision Staffing to lead in customer satisfaction. April believes there is a job for every employee and an employee for every client need; she is passionate about partnering them together. Aprils innovative solutions to human resources and recruiting challenges are unmatched. She was promoted to Staffing Manager in Feb. 2013 and has continued to motivate and develop our Recruiting team!

What do you really do at work: It’s a really complex job that is never the same. Each day brings with new challenges and opportunities, which I love. Most of my time is spent interacting with clients and potential employees. When the office gets quiet or stressed, I’m often the first one to shoot a dart from a NERF gun. If you ask my coworkers what I do at work, they’d say I lip-sync to myself in a mirror.

What do you love about your job: The busy parts of my day. I love that I can come to work and the entire day goes by and it’s time to go home before I know it. There is never a dull moment or a time to sit around and think “What should I do next?” I love helping people. Whether I’m coaching people on interviews, assisting a client find their perfect match or working with my team to solve a problem – I feel like I can truly add value in people’s lives.

What do you do when you are not working: you can find me training for a triathlon, hunting, fishing or watching NASCAR.

Your secret ambition: (If I were to ever win the lottery) it would be to have my own hunting and fishing show. I’d invite my friends that have never experienced hunting or good fishing.

Interesting fact of your life: Until the age of about 12 I was deathly afraid of swimming – even in pools. Then I became a swimmer and triathlete!

Favorite TV shows: How I Met Your Mother, and Friends. If I’m ever sick, I sit at home with Friends on TV all day long (and often laugh out loud to the same parts)!