12 Days of Christmas Stories 2019 – Day 3

By December 23, 2019 12 Days of Christmas


Have you heard the parable of the old man and his horse? It’s a good one, and I’m going to let my team share with you why:

This is such a beautiful illustration of why it’s relevant to suspend judgment, conclusions and assumptions about anything.  Judgments and the like don’t reflect the bigger picture.  We don’t always know in the heat of any moment what is good or what is bad.  What is a blessing, what is a gift, what is a challenge in the moment that provides further expansion for us later.  We don’t always know, but we can remain open.  We can lay aside the impulse to make any seeming fact mean anything.  We can trust that the nature of all things is continually unfolding – and perhaps find a lot more ease in this open and receptive place.

We meet with folks from all walks of life – and nearly always, it’s important for us to suspend judgment and practice having a positive mindset. A few more stories, in their words, not mine:

“I LOVE giving people second chances in life.  John was charged with a 3rd Degree Chrim Sexual Misconduct; he’s a registered sex offender.  He was 17 dating a 15 year old and as soon as he turned 18 the parents pressed charges.   This charge, even though it was from 2015 was inhibiting him from getting a job other than the job he had at Perkins.  He was looking to get out and in a place that he could learn new things and grow.  Obviously this is just a small part of his story, and the work that went into this scenario, but I’m so proud that we were able to find him a position and that we have a customer that gave him a chance – he started in July and was hired on as a perm employee with full benefits. I just heard from him, and I’m so excited!!!”

“Seth served 12 years for 2nd Degree Murder. Seth had a very honest, genuine personality; I knew that I wanted to fight to find him a position. 

During his time in prison he took a welding course and acquired some great skills, he ended up staying 4 years and helped teach others the trade.  He learned how to cook, he learned how to operate a forklift and more.  Upon coming out of prison he started a trust fund for the daughter of his victim.  It took me a while to find a place that would see the changed man he is and give him a shot, but we found it and he’s been doing so great!

Those are some really powerful stories and we’ve made a huge impact in their lives. The cheerleader in me wants to cheer them on from the rooftops!

I challenge you to check yourself now having read those – where did your head go? What assumptions are you making? What judgments are you making? I encourage you to be aware of the power of your own voice/self-talk.

I’ll leave you with a quote that I stumbled upon and so sincerely appreciate: “Nothing is positive, nothing is negative. It’s thinking that makes it so.”

**As always, please remember that everything I write about is also on my mind, and a reminder/refresher/learning for me, too. I come from a place of learning and growth, not of preaching or lecturing**

Merry Christmas to you and yours,


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