12 Days of Christmas Stories 2019 – Day 4

By December 23, 2019 12 Days of Christmas

Be Curious. 

I was going to avoid talking about #momlife because I realize it can be very divisive. Just know that I’m saying this from my own opinion/experience and not intending to hurt anyone. 🙂

I think in life, it’s important to be curious. But how do you raise a child to be curious? My mom says all children are, I’m inclined to agree. If that’s true tho, what happens to those adults that are no longer curious? Were they so curious they learned all the answers?! 😉

My mother in law (MiL) is a retired Pre-K Special Ed Speech Pathologist; she regularly shares little nuggets with me, and I listen carefully. Recently, I’ve become aware of my ‘mom voice’ and the impact it has on Henry. Instead of following him around and declaring “No” for everything, she has inspired me to do it differently, and for me, it makes a world of difference. He’s tiny, so who the heck knows if it actually matters but I know that I love the little pause and reminder to be purposeful with his and my curiosity and I love that our team is too….


  • Holly came to us looking for work, we learned she had friends that found jobs in warehouses and LOVED it and told her to do the same. She was shy at first but came out of her shell, we translated skills from Retail to Entry level warehouse.  We quickly had her placed in a warehouse and after a week and a half they raised her pay by $1.50! She said, “Coming to Vision changed my life!” and “I wouldn’t have found a position like this if it wasn’t for Vision listening to me and finding me perfect position and perfect company to grow with.”
  • Justin has a phenomenal military background and came to us after retiring from the military and wanting to find a job he enjoyed doing. We first met him in February 2018 and at that time, we didn’t have much to offer for him. We told him we’d continue to keep him in mind.  We creatively sent out his info because we knew he was a good egg. He continued to apply for several jobs through us and actively be involved in the process (which I really love and appreciate!).  It had been a year of searching for the right fit when finally an opportunity popped up. We listened carefully to his needs and he has found the perfect fit for him! and recently got a $3/hr raise!
  • We met with Taylor and he initially came in for a position doing assembly of office furniture but after hearing him out we learned he had a bunch of experience that was not included on his resume, including several years of college education and freelancing that has taken him all over the world. He had much stronger skills than even he had realized! The course of the interview and positions discussed quickly changed to align with his skills – just one more reason why sitting across the table is so impactful.

Merry Christmas to you and yours,


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