12 Days of Christmas Stories – Day 4

By December 21, 2018 December 27th, 2018 12 Days of Christmas

I’ve been completely overwhelmed with gratitude and can’t even process it all, I think my heart is ready to burst. I love to live with the mindset of always giving and putting service above oneself. I simply feel like I’m blessed beyond imagination and the reason for that is the community and people around me. These last few days are merely a small indication to our team here at Vision and a testament to our commitment to one another and our customers.

I have this Kindness book that I read daily (almost, I’m not perfect). And earlier this year there was a story about how He does everything with purpose and precision. That same day I was witness to the perfection and precision that happens around us in the community every day. Because I believe if you look for the good, you’ll find it. And that the opposite is true J

This one isn’t about Vision. It isn’t about staffing. This is a memorable highlight from 2018 about people in our community working together to make a difference; and it still gives me goosebumps…

Here’s the story: http://kstp.com/news/rogers-police-chief-discusses-dramatic-rescue/4835366/?cat=12157

Here’s some missing details of the story from Chief Beahen of the Rogers Police Department:

  • “Both reporters called me a hero. I told them the fire fighters on scene were the true heroes. I was in an insulated cold water suit-they jumped in the water in their bunker gear, without regard to their own warmth and stayed there taking turns holding the victim up and out of the water. I gave them the name of FF Ryan Morgando, who had to be treated for hypothermia after as he was in the water almost as long as anyone. I had even called Chief Feist first to get Ryan’s name and correct spelling so I got it right on camera.”
  • “I talked proudly of the consolidated efforts of Fire, PF, Public Works and Burda’s Towing, in their use of two front end loaders, daisy-chained together for safety-supporting the tow truck so it could safely/finally lift the device off the victim so he could be freed-that was ingenious and it took the work of everyone single person there to make that happen. It was the freeing of the trapped arm that saved the victim in the end.”
  • “I highlighted that Sue Stensrud from Carrie-on 5K called yesterday out of the blue, and how I told her that the rescue suits she and her family purchased for police and fire-were used in a real life rescue. “Touched by the wings of angels”. Remember that Carrie died in a car crash in Maple Grove on I-94 where the victim was trapped upside down in a cold creek. Her family wanted to make sure this never happened again.”
  • “We spoke to the victim (Willie) the following morning, who had his pelvis broken, his shoulder smashed and his arm broken in multiple locations and he was treated for extreme hypothermia. He also has facial injuries.”
  • “He is so grateful for our response to this call, and he remarked that those who were with him were calm, reassuring and of extreme comfort. Your voices of reassurance are what he said, kept him alive. He was also impressed that as a person of color, he trusted us and has a vastly different opinion of police and fire today-then he did last week.”

I also learned this:

  • “The victim’s 40-year old brother died last Friday. He was buried Monday. He was on his way to the hospital as he was really ill, when he passed. They discovered it was a massive bacterial infection. Willie and his family and trying to put money together to pay for the funeral.”
  • “Willie has three children, the youngest is 7-today is his birthday. One of his children is autistic.”
  • “He had quit the job last week trimming trees-thought they took too many risks. Decided to come back to pay the funeral bills.”
  • “The other victim spent 15 minutes using boards and a jack to try to free Willie before he called 911.”

 The City of Rogers and the community we serve, should be very proud of the work that took place on Jasmine Way yesterday. I am proud to work aside each of you, and have never seen such collaborative work in my career under such duress. Congratulations on a job well done!

 Chief Beahen




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