12 Days of Christmas Stories 2021: Day 12

Shine On.

As we wrap up another unusual year, I keep coming back to one of my favorite bible verses…John 1:5

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it”

I find that if I patiently wait and watch, I get to see where His light shines. This year is no different. Starting with our team.

I’m so blessed to be surrounded by Vision Rockstars, a team that focuses on shining their light, One Person at a Time. One of our very own Rockstars lost everything this year in a house fire; she shared how overwhelmed she was with the power of our team lifting her up when she needed it most. She expressed how grateful she continues to be a part of a team that comes together and supports one another. Goosebumps. I can relate. I feel pride everyday as I am able to witness many occasions our team shines through One Person at a Time.

A little more light…

  • Josie’s name came across our desk as a name on a resume; a quick edit for a connection and a favor for her mom. That same name/resume found its way back to us through her brother when she needed some work during her school break. We loved her and joked she should work with us internally in the summer. Fast forward. Josie is a driven professional and followed up. One thing led to another and she interned for us this last summer. All of this makes sense hindsight, but when it was happening, the pieces of the puzzle were not as clear. Wow – He had a plan. Josie, thanks for visiting – we all LOVED it.
  • Martha and I connected a year or two ago. She was in a position that wasn’t a good fit – her boss was verbally abusive and she knew needed a change from an unhealthy environment. She ended up moving on and found a new home she loved, we continued to stay in touch. Her new company was relocating to Chicago and she wasn’t ready to move. She was on the search again and we reconnected as she was looking for some extra money on the weekend. We had a great weekend gig for her and she worked the two positions as she worked to find her forever home. She ended up returning to the weekend gig turning it into full-time. Within 60 days, she was hired perm. When we asked for feedback, the leader tells us he’s never worked with anyone as endlessly positive as Martha. Martha and I had a mutual connection and we both have found ourselves in tears at some point in time because His light continues to shine even in the dark.
  • Lindsey worked for us last year and ended her position due to illness. She called us when she was ready and shared with us that she has learning challenges. We were all committed to finding her the right home. She started a new position and was doing great. One morning she called while having a panic attack from the side of the road, her battery had died. Another occasion where I have witnessed the Vision Rockstars take action – tons of behind the scenes work to remedy this one. Through it all we learned she doesn’t have a family to support her AND she didn’t have a home to go to. Her family had disowned her and she was living in her car. Flash forward – Lindsey continues to thrive as she works to get back on her feet independently and we continue to be here supporting and cheering her on. His light can shine through us in so many different ways.

One of our Rockstars said it was the “BEST Customer & Employee Appreciation event yet” and when asked why she said “I think because before we all started we talked about how this is our home and how we want people to feel welcome and cared for.” His work starts in our house – the care, the giving, the light in an unknown and sometimes dark world. It starts with us, in our very homes. Where have you seen His light shine this last year? Where will you allow His light to shine through you this coming year?

Shine on and have a very blessed CHRISTmas. See you next year.



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