12 Days of Christmas Stories 2021: Day 4

Head & Heart.

This is a trying time of year for everyone, I just wanted to make a PSA to remind you that we’re all humans….and sometimes that means getting out of our own way in matters that are bigger than our heads – and matters of the heart. Listening to our hearts…

  • We met with John, in the interview we can recall thinking “this guy needs a nap” – he was crushing an energy drink and pale. We placed him and he lasted 3 days. All signs pointed to not working out. Our heads told us one thing, our hearts told us another so we placed him again – in a very different position. We called the client to see how he was doing and it was going well. Woohoo! Then after a couple weeks it came up that he was wandering around and not working out so well. Together with the client, we brainstormed through our interactions with John and listened to our hearts – previous experiences led us to try and have a conversation with a creative solution tailored to his unique learning ability. The result? John THRIVED, his goal was to find a home and that he has indeed.


  • We met with Mark – he left his career as a mechanic and technician of 25 years to explore and try something entirely new. He had thought about it for a few years, and it just didn’t work out with the numbers. He desired a change where he could work for a company that cared about him, that was nice to him, that had a culture and environment where he felt valued and it was more than a job to pay the bills. After a couple in person visits at the customer, lots of great questions and conversation he sat on it. Logically, it didn’t make sense to take such a risk and leap – but in his heart he knew it was his home and wanted to be there for it all. He did it – he took the leap. He started in one position and has already moved on, for the first time he could visualize himself doing something and being somewhere he loved. He feels appreciated and successful, he feels young again bc his body doesn’t hurt the same way it did. Mark – You know I’m using a fake name and you better believe it’s you we’re talking about. Thanks for listening to your heart ❤


  • We met with Matt – he was a stellar candidate! He only wanted to go Direct Hire, he was leery of staffing services, and he we didn’t have the right opening. BUT, we had the right client for him – the right home we knew he’d love. We talked to the client, the were enthusiastic about meeting him and through great communication and trust, Matt was willing to have a conversation with the client. One thing led to another and although on paper (and in their heads) both the client and candidate were suspicious, they went with their gut – they leaned in. Immediately upon meeting they both knew this was “Home” and it continues to be a success today!

Bottom line – don’t let your head hold back your heart; go ahead and listen to that nudge 😊

See you tomorrow for more,



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