12 Days of Christmas Stories 2021: Day 7

Let’s be better.

This keeps popping up in my world – “Be better” and it’s not in a bad or negative sense, it’s like a ‘try again’. Every year I write these and I’m inspired by everyone we work with, and I hope you are too. I encourage you to read the meaning in the messages below – I’m not just talking about job growth; it’s about personal growth for each of them. Personal growth means we’re different than we were yesterday, it sticks. Personal growth will be there when the job title isn’t…

  • We met with Darin in an interview and then on tour at a customer. He had a job, but didn’t feel like he had a career ahead of him and really wanted to see the work place and take steps forward in his life. He didn’t have a ton of experience on paper, but from our conversations we knew he was doing everything he could to keep moving forward. We stuck our neck out, and boy are we glad we did. Every day it seems he is learning and improving – he’s not missed a beat and is a highly valued member of the team. Way to go, Darin!
  • Now and again we see names on emails that catch our eye, a supervisor or lead was cc’d on something to loop them in. It’s really fun when you remember the name. Like when you remember meeting with Janet who had been looking for a change from bartending for many years and she starts out working with parts, then learns forklift, she’s highly respected and really good people….then shows up on your email because she’s now a lead. We’re cheering for you, Janet! Keep growing in your skills ❤
  • Oooor, when someone you placed in one role a few years ago is now in a different role as a growth position because they want to better themselves – yeah, I’m looking at you Geoff, you know who you are.
  • Jeff went to college but he left since it wasn’t a fit for him. He had hopes of property management and had zero experience. We found him a job as an apprentice where he’d learn to fix things in a variety of ways. Oh my gosh he has set the gold standard for the client, they can’t stop raving about him and his positive attitude, work ethic, highest degree of integrity and more. Literally telling us “You can’t get a better employee than Jeff” We’re so proud of him, he just bought his first house to fix and rent out and we know he’s off to do great things!
  • Al was one recruiters Top 5 interviews of all time. That’s really saying something! He was so professional, had great experience, and respectful. His supervisor said “His attention to detail and eye for safety is like nobody I’ve experienced” and went on to talk about the initiative he takes to walk around and see if anything is out of place that needs fixing. He always goes above and beyond.  Way cool, Al.

These are about real people and who they are and because of who they are they are successful where they are. Give yourself a gut check – do you like who you are?

See you tomorrow,



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