12 Days of Christmas Stories & Giveaways 2020: Day 12

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Day 12: Grace

5 simple letters, big impact. I set out to collect and write these stories not for my own hobby, but to continue sharing the GOOD that is happening all around us, when we look for it. This one is for our Vision team; may we continue to give grace to one another and fight for the good, always, regardless of what’s happening around us. ❤

Some internal greatness:

  • “I am laughing out loud at her bitmoji and thinking ‘I love my coworkers and work is fun’”
  • “….being a quiet strength, being a warm, listening ear, looking out for all of us…and so much more.  Sometimes you can’t explain or put into words the value of relationships… the give and take, respect, mercy, and love it takes to nurture them and how much wonderful fruit comes from them when you do so! There are some truly inspiring and impactful people here!”
  • “This week, in particular, I’m thinking about how much love I have for these coworkers and I’m bursting with gratitude”
  • “Your core integrity, diligence, professionalism, composure, and follow through are the foundation of your success…you are one of the most competent, capable people I know. I learn so much just watching you.”
  • “How awesome are you with customer service and people in general!?”
  • “I’ve experienced and observed situations that required conversations most would consider stressful, unclear and uncomfortable internal & external. These conversations and interactions could easily send any of us over the edge but instead it formed a trust, a learning and growth opportunity as a person/team/company and is consistently met with a calm, grace filled approach, even amid the busiest, chaotic of days.  I’ve experienced and observed almost everyone on our team respond, communicate and follow up in this manner and it has made all the difference in my day.  It’s people with these behaviors that form amazing, strong teams and not only make a difference with our employees and clients but with each other as a team and help us show up each day as our best selves. It’s awesome to observe but even better to be a part of.”

These stories aren’t meant to be about us though, so I have to turn the light back onto our employees with one of my favorites from the year:

  • Earlier this year there was a payroll hiccup for Seth. He called and said he needed a paper check ASAP. He said his car was broken down and he needed his check so he could have the means to get his car fixed so he could get to work the next day. Right away we sprang into action and cut him his paper check. He arranged for us to meet up with him to deliver his check.  When we reached him he was standing alone outside his bank. We handed him his paycheck and asked him if he had means of transportation. He told us that a co-worker was kind enough to give him a ride to the bank, but that he was planning to take the bus down the road 5 miles to the automotive store ( which would had been a 30 minute bus ride). We had him hop in the car; that’s when we learned that Seth had no means of transportation that entire week, that he had been walking to work (this was in the thick of February winter in MN, with exceptionally terrible weather). Seth never called us, never made excuses, and was NEVER late! In fact this particular week he worked 60 hours!!! On top of working 60 hours he was still going to college full time! We also learned that the co-worker who brought Seth to the bank was also a Vision Rockstar, who had only been in position 5 days! We are thrilled to say it was shortly after that when the client hired him on as a perm employee.

In this challenging year, the importance of giving friends, colleagues, coworkers, family, and fellow Minnesotans grace is more important than ever. Seth’s story is a great example of the importance of giving one another grace to pause, listen, and hear their story.

Be the light.

Until next year, cheers & Merry Christmas to you and yours,


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