12 Days of Christmas Stories & Giveaways 2020: Day 2

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DAY 2: Perspective

As I was decorating my Christmas Tree this year, I was unpacking tote after tote of ornaments. Smiling, listening to Christmas music, and just really into the whole spirit. You with me?! Gosh it was magical. My husband looked at tote after tote and asked – “Are those all of yours?” and I smiled, and said “Yeah! Can’t you see the side it says, ‘Heather’s ornaments’!” I asked him where his were…he doesn’t have a tote. Now, whether or not he has a tote of ornaments is a moot point. But in that moment, it occurred to me – I DO have ornaments. I have some I made for my folks when I was a little kid, my first Christmas ornament, and multiple series of ornaments. Something that I thought was so common and every day, suddenly felt very, very special. The power of perspective can be life changing. A few more stories for you today…

• We were talking to Debbie, she said, “You change lives. You aren’t just finding a job for another and another, you are giving people fuel for a new life, an opportunity for change, and choices that we may not have had before – that’s what you’re doing” She went on to share that giving someone a fish feeds them for a day, teaching them how to fish supports them for a lifetime. WOW. What a great conversation!
• We have been working with Blaire since March – she had 10 years of housekeeping as her work experience and we all know that industry took a hard pause. Through conversations with her, and coaching, we learned that she has great transferable skills – she loves to stay really busy on her feet, she has good hand eye coordination, and she’s really hard working. We have lots of customers with those needs! We just got feedback on Blaire recently, she’s doing awesome and they love her. Sometimes it takes a tweak in our thinking to see things differently.
• We chatted with Diane – she was joking that she was working too much, and at first glance our thought was “But you only have been working around 20 hours a week” – she then shared this is her SECOND job. Whoa! So we listened more and learned that the day prior she learned she has cancer – she needed to talk. She loves her work and this second job too and it gives her purpose. Wow, Diane – thanks for sharing with us.

Sometimes we are given the power of perspective, and sometimes we might just need to look for it. Surely COVID/2020 falls into this bucket in more ways than one 😊

Merry Christmas to you and yours,

**This year, we are doing stories a little earlier to coincide with our 12 days of giveaways! Each year we say thanks in our office by hosting holiday cheer and giving away gifts, this year it’s going to be virtual – so please take a moment and join in the fun!**
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