12 Days of Christmas Stories & Giveaways 2020: Day 9

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Day 9: The Journey

I feel like we often find ourselves thinking of this or that. Right or wrong. Good or bad. What if we focused less on the absolutes and less on the perfection and more of the journey? What if we appreciated the nuances in the thick of it all a little bit more?

  • Tad has worked for us and been hired on at a customer years ago, he came back to us in March because he was on the job search again. He interviewed with a customer and an offer was extended, but then COVID happened and the world went on pause. We stayed in touch, and so did he. He picked up some short term work in the meantime and last week he interviewed again at the same customer and everything came back to life. He starts officially in the new year and he’s thrilled. He’s EXTRA thrilled, because now he’s legally the dad to 4 new kids – 4 more mouths to feed! It was a long journey, but well worth the wait.
  • Abby was a welder for us, and unfortunately she was impacted by layoffs. She picked up alternative work but her heart was always with the one she was laid off from. She could have written them off, she could have burned that bridge, but instead she kept that door open. When they were hiring again, she was thrilled to return!
  • Phillip was interviewing at several places and it wasn’t working out. He could have gotten upset and frustrated but he pressed on. He eventually accepted a position that was a great fit, but then the client needed to push out the start date. This put him and his family in a financial hardship. In the meantime we worked to find him something short term, and it worked…and then fell through as the client changed their minds on starts. Shoot, again. Finally, the original position was his and we had a start date confirmed! Thanks for being so patient and persistent, Phillip. 😉

Merry Christmas to you and yours,


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