2019 June Star Performer – Jonathan S.

By June 2, 2019 December 27th, 2019 Star Performers

When Jonathan came to Vision he was frustrated and felt defeated. He had been working seasonal positions off and on for a few years. He would have to take random side jobs in between seasons just to make ends meet and to get him through the winter. He was feeling stressed and pressured to find that perfect company. With a new baby on the way, he wanted and needed a stable job. He had no room for growth in his seasonal position. He was longing and looking for a company close to home where he could achieve success, longevity, as well as a company who was open to his extensive driving background and willing to give him a chance! With the help of Vision, we found Jonathan the perfect fit. Since starting, Jonathan says he has been the happiest he has been in years! He said it’s his first time being in a stable position, he is close to home and he loves the company he’s at. He says, “I strive to model their core values and I like the employees there. They are like family. I can’t wait to be hired on perm!”
Our customer says “Jonathan is a great worker! He is dedicated and dependable. Thanks for sending him to us.”

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