2019 March Star Performer – Josh B.

By March 2, 2019 December 27th, 2019 Star Performers

When Josh came in to interview, he was just so engaging and professional – we knew immediately he’d be a great rep for Vision. The only issue was that he had a very odd schedule – he works seasonally for his parents’ business as a caretaker and jack-of-all-trades. We had to find somewhere really flexible and understanding, and a location that could flex his hours at a moment’s notice. After a few misses, we finally found the right fit. After the interview, Josh called me to tell us that this was the perfect position for him – he and our contact had a 2+ hour long interview where they talked about life, faith and his start date! He started immediately and has been doing great since. The most recent feedback was that Josh “has a positive attitude and gets to work on time.” We’re so happy to be able to find something for Josh!!

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