2022 Workplace Trends We Expect to See

By January 24, 2022 Managers

A year ago, we shared our forecast of the 2021 workplace trends we expected. We discussed the importance of mental health awareness and health and safety in the workplace. We also talked about the continuation of remote or hybrid work arrangements. And we shared the expected trends in workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion. So what is on the horizon for 2022? Let’s take a closer look.

Hybrid Workforce

No one was quite sure what to expect when the country transitioned to many work-from-home positions at the beginning of the pandemic. Many companies are staying remote while others are transitioning back into the workplace. However, there is a sizeable middle ground with many adopting a hybrid work environment allowing employees to have time in the office and work from home. This is expected to continue indefinitely.

AI Augmentation

There has been a lot of discussion about artificial intelligence in the workplace. There are many ways that machine learning can benefit corporations, but most experts agree today that AI shouldn’t replace the human worker but augment their performance ability. Automating tasks that drain time for employees who would otherwise be productive will be how AI is introduced into more workplaces.

Resilience over Efficiency

Before the pandemic, companies looked for ways to increase efficiency. There was little overlap in roles because it didn’t make a lot of sense to have more than one person doing the same job simultaneously. But the pandemic brought a new lesson, and growing with resilience over efficiency seems to be the best strategy moving forward. Cross-training employees will be big in 2022.

Employee Monitoring and Analytics

Probably the most controversial trend companies are seeing right now is employee monitoring and analytics software. Many organizations implemented these procedures to ensure that their employees worked effectively from home, but there are downsides. It’s essential that these tools don’t negatively affect the employee or customer experience moving forward.


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