5 Reasons to Work (Other than Money!)

By April 18, 2022 Job Seekers

Money is an important motivator; there’s no doubt about that. Working has plenty of stress and anxiety when trying to meet deadlines or finish projects. But there are more motivating factors than money alone. Working can also provide us with a sense of purpose. So let’s look at the five reasons working is good for us, besides just money.

A Chance to Meet New People

Many people get a significant portion of social engagement from the workplace, and there is nothing wrong with this. It’s okay to want to go to work because you enjoy the people you work with. It also gives you a chance to meet new people, and you never know where those connections can take you in the future.

A Sense of Purpose and Value

Work can also provide a sense of purpose. Humans need to be engaged with their environment to feel valued. A workplace can give that sense to you. If you like the work you do and feel recognized and seen by your employers, that’s an excellent reason to find meaning in what you do.

A Boost to your Self-Esteem

Recognition is good for our self-esteem. When someone else acknowledges and comments positively on the work you’re doing, it can give you a boost of the hormones that drive happiness. It’s crucial that you also allow yourself to recognize your good work and not only rely on others to provide your validation.

Career Security

Sometimes we want to have a routine to help us know what to expect each day. Career security can help give structure to your every day. You know what to expect every morning and when you’re done with your work every day.

Ability to Learn New Things

Some people are driven by the need to learn something new. A job can give you access to new ideas, information, and skills. Take advantage of your company’s desire to have you be the best employee you can be. Take classes, learn new technologies, and ask others to show you what they do.

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