5 Tips to Promote a Healthy Work-Life Balance

By March 17, 2021 April 30th, 2021 Job Seekers, Managers

Balancing the needs of professional and personal lives has always been a concern for working adults. In the way the workplace has evolved so quickly over the last couple of years, it’s no surprise that work/life balance is becoming more and more important. So how can you promote a healthy work/life balance for your team? Here are a few ways you can help your employees feel accomplished in their work while still making time for personal activities.

Ask Directly

Sometimes the only way to know the answer to your question is to ask. Otherwise, you may be making assumptions that prove to be incorrect. Talk to your employees about their experience and find out where their pain points are. What do they want the company to do to maintain a better balance between work and home life? This can help you improve.

Watch for Signs of Burnout

Of course, not every employee is going to be so honest about their experience. It’s also imperative that you’re able to watch for signs of burnout. Some signs include:

  • Excessive absenteeism
  • Decline in performance
  • Increased error rates
  • Physical exhaustion

If you spot these signs, it’s okay to suggest they leave early, take some time off, or avoid giving them more new projects. They may also need to talk through their concerns with someone, so give them a safe space to do so.

Allow Flexible Schedules

Many companies are having success by offering flexible schedules or “flex-time.” Allowing employees to adjust their hours, so they have the time they need during the day to handle any personal business increases their productivity. You can trust employees to be in control of their schedule as long as their work is done on time and meets your quality standards.  

Set Boundaries

Employees should feel comfortable setting their boundaries, but they may not realize it. Let them know that it’s okay, and feel free to establish boundaries that can help them maintain their work/life balance. For example, now that so many people have access to remote work, make sure they know they don’t have to check their email after the workday has ended.  

Lead by Example

Finally, it’s important if you want to focus on your employees’ wellbeing, you need to lead by example. If your work/life balance is out of sync, your employees will pick up on your stress and anxiety. They won’t feel like they can take days off or vacations because you never do. Show them by your actions that they can take control over their time.


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