5 Ways to Lose Your Best Employees

By February 7, 2022 Managers

Your employees are the essential facet of your company. Without a strong team, everything else can fall apart. You probably can’t afford to lose any of your employees, let alone your all-stars. Today, qualified employees are leaving their positions in waves due to dissatisfaction in the workplace. If you want to avoid The Great Resignation within your team, here are the five things you need to stop doing at all costs.

You Don’t Take Employee Feedback

If your employees express concerns, questions, or ideas and you don’t take any action, that becomes a frustrating scenario. Listen to your team and implement their suggestions to improve processes or the work environment.

You’re Not Providing Rewards or Recognition

Sometimes saying a simple “thank you” is enough to improve someone’s day. However, if you don’t provide rewards or recognition to your employees regularly, they will feel unappreciated. When employees feel as if they are taken for granted, they begin to consider their next move.

You Micromanage

The single thing that everyone agrees is a massive negative in the workplace is micromanagement. And yet, so many managers still do it. Don’t stand over your employees and judge every decision they make. Trust that you’ve hired qualified individuals who are capable of performing their job at the highest level.

You’re Not Transparent

Companies that don’t communicate are at risk of losing top employees. Especially right now, when everyone knows there are challenges in various industries, it’s crucial to have open and honest communication with your team.

You Haven’t Considered Your Employees Holistically

Work/life balance has been a considerable concern for employees over the last decade. Especially today, when health and safety are at the top of everyone’s mind, your team wants to know that you understand they have full lives outside of the workplace.


Is The Great Resignation affecting your business?

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