5 Ways to Showcase Your Talents on Your Resume

By March 3, 2021 April 30th, 2021 Job Seekers

The purpose of your resume is to showcase your talent to prospective employers. But what exactly does that mean? It’s important to know that a resume doesn’t have to document the entirety of your professional experience, especially jobs that were unrelated. So how can you create a resume that will help you stand out from the crowd? Here are five ways you can showcase your talents.

Convey Your Personal Brand in a Heading

There was a time when an objective was expected on a resume. Today, that section of a resume has evolved to become a personal statement or summary. In the section below your contact information, create a short paragraph about who you are and, more specifically, why you want this job. You can tailor this for individual companies, so you always communicate your brand in the language of the job opening.

Use the Right Format

The next most important aspect of your resume is to use the right format. This applies to several parts of the document. First, you will need to choose between the most common resume styles:

  • Reverse chronological
  • Functional
  • Hybrid

Reverse chronological resumes are the most common, and they include a work history starting with the most recent. A functional resume is best for people who have recently graduated or are changing careers because it focuses on skills rather than experience. And a hybrid is a combination of the two. Choose the right format for you, but also make sure it’s easy to read using short bullet points and short text blocks.

Emphasize Relevant Skills

In writing, there is one very important rule: “Show, Don’t Tell.” You’ve probably read it in novels but not noticed what it is. The author shouldn’t tell you the character is in danger; they show it by describing their breathing, the sweat on their brow, and their heart racing. While you don’t have to be as dramatic on your resume, use this concept to show potential employers how your skills will be a benefit for them. Tell a story to connect with them.

Focus on Accomplishments

A resume is also an opportunity to brag about yourself a little. What was your success in past jobs? By detailing how you’ve used your skills to achieve specific milestones, your furthering the message about why an employer would want to hire you over your competition. You can incorporate this into your summary statement as well as use it in the bullets under your experience.

Tailor Your Resume to the Company

Finally, you should always make sure you’re tailoring your resume to the specific job and company. You don’t have to change much, but tweak your summary statement to reflect the language they may use in the job posting or their company’s mission statement. Don’t be too heavy-handed but achieve the right balance to pique their interest.


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