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Our story is not ending, but rather just beginning.

Mary Farr

Our Story

In 1985 Mary Farr worked as a contract employee for a large national company. She developed a passion for the Staffing Industry and really saw the flexibility and opportunity it offered to employees and employers. At the time, she had 3 children under 5 and was looking for her next venture. She researched the Staffing Industry and identified an opportunity to partner with other companies to help them fulfill their employment needs.

As a temporary herself, she appreciated the opportunity to gain experience and find the right fit at a company. Her right fit ended up being the entrepreneurial route when she opened her business. She first opened as Temporary Assets in 1985 in, at the time, the small town of Rogers, MN. In 2000 the industry began to change, as did Temporary Assets; Mary’s business partner retired and she decided to change the name to Vision Staffing Solutions to meet the growing needs of her community beyond just temporary help.

Throughout the years Mary established a reputable, ethical, value driven, passionate company that served the northwest metro area and established long term relationships with top employers and superior candidates.

Who Are We Today?

Today, we are “The Vision Companies” and service the North, Northwest, and Southern territory of the Twin Cities. The Vision Companies is currently under the direction of Mary’s two daughters Tiffany and Heather Farr.

As with many businesses, we’ve experienced great challenge as well as success along the way. We’re constantly evolving and working toward providing a better experience for our clients and candidates, our story is not ending, but rather just beginning.

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Meet the Team

We are a dynamic team of human resource professionals and are passionate about what we do.

Megan Skendaj, CSP

Karen Andler, CSP

Jackie Jeffery

Hunter Holmquist, CSP

Karen Meszaros, CSP

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