Always Late for Work? How to be on Time!

By September 20, 2021 Job Seekers

If your job requires you to be on-site at a specific time, it may be okay to be a few minutes late once in a while. However, consistently late behavior can lead to negative repercussions from your employer. If you struggle with being on time, it’s vital to create new habits so you can avoid professional consequences. Here are some things you can do starting today to be on time.

Start Earlier

It may sound overly simplified, but people who are early have this in common. After you get up in the morning, don’t allow yourself to think that you have a lot of time. Set an alarm, create a schedule, and stick to it. For example, don’t think that your 20-minute commute means you can leave the house with 19 minutes to spare. Leave earlier to give yourself time for traffic or other inconveniences.

Think Backwards

Here’s a trick that can help you calculate how much time you really have. How long will it take you to drive to work? How long does it take you to get ready? Once you determine the steps you need to take, you can think backward and calculate your starting time. Always pad the time. Nothing is perfect, and if you only give yourself the exact amount of time, you won’t be able to solve emergencies that come up, like a lost backpack or construction.

Sandwich Your Time

Early people use the sandwich technique. They’ll block out time before and after important meetings or tasks to ensure they have time to prepare. For example, if you have an interview set for 10 a.m., don’t plan to walk in the door at precisely 10. Give yourself at least 15 minutes so you can get your bearings and observe the office. If the interview is expected to last an hour, don’t schedule something else for 11. If you do and the meeting goes long, you’ll be back in emergency mode.

Change Your Attitude

Chronically late people tend to share many of the same characteristics. For example, you may feel resentful that you have to spend an hour in traffic to get to work? If so, that resentment may be why you only give yourself half an hour to arrive. You’re frustrated and don’t want to drive, but this won’t make the drive any shorter; it’ll just make you angrier. Instead, change your mindset to allow yourself to think of the positives of being on time.

Learn to Say No

Of course, not every problem can be solved by changing small habits. Another way to handle being late is to say no to some requests for your time. It might not work for your job, but you can take pressure off in other areas of your life to free up time. Determine priorities and don’t commit to anything that won’t work for your schedule.

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