Facing Repeated Job Rejection? How to Bounce Back & Keep Moving Forward

By October 24, 2022 Job Seekers

The job hunt can be brutal, especially if you have faced multiple rejections. But remember, rejections aren’t personal; they can happen for any reason. If you’ve been rejected for jobs, it can be helpful to understand why so you can recover from your disappointment and some tips for what you can do differently moving forward.

Feel Your Feelings

Anyone can face rejection for any reason. It’s normal to take it personally, but statistically, it isn’t about something you said or did. But it’s okay to feel angry, frustrated, upset, or even sad. Take time to feel and process your emotions, so you don’t let that negativity affect your continued job search.

Know You’re Not Alone

Some of the very best candidates have been rejected for opportunities throughout their careers. Think of it this way. A job posting might get hundreds of responses. The company narrows this down to ten, five, or three candidates after various interviews. But there is only one job. Even if every candidate is perfectly qualified, only one can get the job.

Send a Thank You Note

How you respond when you receive a rejection can make all the difference. Send a thank you note. Why? Because this sets you apart and makes you memorable to the company. Thank them for their time and the opportunity. Don’t be afraid to ask questions like if there was something you could have done differently in the process. Even if you don’t hear back, you’ve done more than most people do in your situation.

Review Your Experience

Now is also an excellent time to review your experience and determine if there are any gaps you can fill in. Maybe you don’t have knowledge of technology that is becoming mandatory in your industry. This is a great time to enroll in online courses, read a book, or teach yourself these skills that can make you more marketable.

Focus on Your Strengths

There is somewhere for you. Everyone has an environment where they would thrive. Rather than dwelling on what didn’t happen, focus on your strengths and move forward in your job search. Evaluate job postings thoroughly to see how you can fit into a company culture and target organizations that feel like a good match.

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