Employee Best Practices: How to Ask for a Raise

By June 21, 2021 Job Seekers

After some time on the job, you may be expecting a raise. But if you haven’t received one, it may be time to ask. Employers aren’t trying to be unfair, but sometimes raises don’t make the top of the list when planning. One of the primary reasons employees don’t earn more in their jobs is because they never asked. There is a right way and a wrong way to ask about more money, so here are some tips to get you started.


You may be waiting for the right time, but there is ever a perfect time to ask for more money. If you wait until your employer makes the first move, it may never come. However, there are bad times to approach your boss about more money. For example, avoid busy deadline times. And look for clues in the office. If they do regular reviews, consider asking at that time.


The wrong raise is almost as bad as not asking at all. Before you meet with your boss, do your homework to learn more about what’s appropriate to ask for when it comes to your particular job. It will depend on the time you’ve spent with the company and how much experience you have. Use online resources such as Salary.com to review salaries in your area.

Make a Case

After you have your information and set up a time to talk with your boss, you need to plead your case. Let them know why you’re making the request and present data to help them make a decision. For example, emphasize the aspects of your job that you’ve excelled in and your success rate. How have you been a positive asset to the company?


Sometimes the desire for more money goes hand in hand with an interest in more responsibility or opportunity in your company. If you know of a potential promotion opportunity, you may want to weave this into your pitch. Remind them that it’s easier to hire entry-level people, and they can utilize your familiarity with the corporate culture in a new role.


When you ask for a raise, it’s also essential to manage your expectations. You may not get what you ask for, and you may not get anything at all. Keep in mind that negotiation is not an ultimatum. Just because they can’t honor your request that time doesn’t mean there won’t be an opportunity in the future. Ask if there is anything you can do to improve the circumstances on your side.

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