Job Search Stalled? Consider The Benefits of Temporary Jobs

By August 31, 2022 Job Seekers

Finding your dream job can take time, especially when you know what you want and are willing to wait for the perfect offer. But what happens if your job hunt drags on, killing your motivation and putting an unattractive gap on your resume? You might want to consider the advantages of temporary employment while you pursue your next full-time opportunity. 

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What Are Temporary Jobs? 

Temporary jobs—also called contract jobs—are short-term roles with a company that only needs workers for a defined time period. Perhaps the company has a busy season and needs extra help. Maybe one of their full-time employees is ill or on vacation. Sometimes organizations will hire temporary workers to test new ideas or help them adapt to variable demand. Hiring temporary workers allows companies to staff up without taking on the cost and administrative burden of hiring direct employees. 

Temp Jobs vs. Part Time Jobs 

Temporary job opportunities differ from part-time jobs. When you accept a part-time job, you work directly for an employer, usually for less than 30 hours per week. There is no end date for your position, and you may or may not have control over your schedule. In contrast, a temp job lasts for a specific length of time. When that job ends, you’re free to choose another position with another company based on your preferred schedule and work environment. Your employer of record is the temporary staffing company. They cut your checks, may offer you benefits, and cover your workers’ compensation and employment insurance. 

Temporary employment can have significant benefits over part-time gigs for many workers. Consider these pros and cons of temp or contract jobs: 


  • Flexibility. As you move from role to role, you can choose employers, work times, and work days that suit your schedule.  
  • Travel opportunities. If you love to travel, temporary work can allow you to build a schedule with plenty of time off for adventure. 
  • Experience. If you are changing careers or just getting started in your field temporary, contract employment allows you to explore different roles and gain experience without making a long-term commitment. 
  • End date. Unlike a part-time job, a temp job has a defined end date. Suppose you make the wrong choice and don’t love your new temporary role. Recruiters for temp jobs can often find you something else quickly. If you decide to stay in the position until your placement ends, you’ll know to avoid similar jobs next time. 


  • Element of hustle. Since temporary work ends after a defined period, you must be comfortable with a certain element of uncertainty—and ready to line up your next placement. 
  • Adaptability. Entering new work environments and integrating into new teams requires adaptability. Some workers find starting a new role to be an exciting challenge. Others—not so much. But working for a temporary staffing company might be a great option if you love meeting new people, learning new skills, and taking on new responsibilities. 

Who Should Pursue Temporary Jobs? 

Temp jobs are a great way to keep your skills sharp, gain experience, and pay the bills while pursuing full-time employment. Many workers discover that temporary employment can build a bridge to a new career or help them advance to the next level in their industry. What kind of workers find the most benefit from temporary jobs? Job seekers in need of flexibility, as well as: 

  • Parents returning to the workforce 
  • People looking for a career change 
  • Students 
  • Veterans 
  • And more 

If you’re the kind of person who needs motivation to do your best work, then having a job—even a temporary job—can keep your morale high when you’re on the job hunt. Sticking to a productive routine and spending time doing meaningful work, will keep you in the right frame of mind for finding a new opportunity. 

Pursuing temporary work has another benefit: having a steady paycheck can give you the time you need to wait for the right offer. No matter how much time has passed since your last full-time position, you won’t feel desperate to take the first decent job offer that comes your way. With temporary work as your backup plan, you’ll have the confidence—and the cash—to find the perfect-for-you job. 

Looking for a backup plan? The Vision Companies can help you find a job that keeps you motivated, growing, and working. Contact a recruiter today! 

But Aren’t Temporary Jobs Bad For Your Resume? 

Job hopping—or staying at a job for a short period of time before accepting another role—is a red flag for many employers. However, short-term job placements working for a temporary staffing company can add valuable experience to your resume while showing your commitment to staying employed. Temp jobs can benefit your job search in other ways, including: 

  • Expanding your resume. If you’re just starting out or switching to a new career, having industry-specific temporary work on your resume will let employers know you’re serious about building your skills and experience. 
  • Building your job skills. Recruiters for temp jobs will get to know your goals and match you with employers that can help you gain the skills or experience you desire. 
  • Growing your network. There’s no better way to get to know people in your industry than by working with them—or for them. Temp jobs can expose you to various people who might become valuable connections down the line. Perhaps one of those connections will be able to provide a reference or referral for your dream job! 
  • Providing feedback. In many jobs, you’ll only receive an employee review once a year. When you are doing temporary work, you’ll often have the opportunity to ask for feedback after placements, allowing you to gather valuable information that might help you land a permanent position. 
  • Polishing your interviewing skills. Many recruiters at temp agencies will help you polish your resume and prepare for interviews, helping you gain ease with the hiring process. 

Is it Possible to Turn a Temp Job Into a Full-Time Job? 

Definitely—many employers hope that temporary employees will show the ability, dedication, and work ethic necessary to join the team full-time. Treat your temporary job as you would any other job: 

  • Show up on time 
  • Do your best work 
  • Show initiative 
  • Be a team player 

Talk to your recruiter if you think your temp job is a great permanent fit for you. They’ll get the ball rolling to discover if your employer is equally enthusiastic and willing to make a direct offer. 

How Can You Find Great Temp Jobs?  

Finding a temporary role can be like finding any other job: get your resume ready and search job boards for temporary work. However, there is another way. Working with a temporary staffing company can help you find jobs that fit your goals faster—and with less hassle. 

Temporary staffing recruiters are industry experts. They know who is hiring in your field and what they are looking for in top candidates. Once they understand what you hope to gain from temporary employment, they’ll match you with roles and employers who can help you reach your goals. 

Ready To Find A Temporary Job?  

As Minnesota’s top temporary employment agency, The Vision Companies can help you gain access to top opportunities that will look great on your resume, including: 

  • Administrative 
  • Finance & Accounting 
  • Technical 
  • Light Industrial & Manufacturing 
  • Professional & Managerial 
  • Sales & Marketing 

Contact us today to learn how we can help you gain the skills to advance your career—or find you your next perfect-for-you opportunity. 

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