June Is National Safety Month: 9 Accidents To Avoid on the Job

By June 14, 2021 General HR, Managers

June is National Safety Month! While safety is always of the utmost importance, this is an excellent month to refresh and renew your commitment to safety in the workplace. Keep your team safe by avoiding these most frequent OSHA violations.

Fall Prevention

OSHA cites falls in the workplace as one of the most common causes of injuries on the job. Falls can happen in a warehouse or production environment, but they also occur in offices. Reducing tripping hazards and providing safety protocols will help prevent falls.

Hazard Communication

Hazards can come in several forms as well. From chemicals and materials to electrical hazards, you want to be sure that you mark anything that can cause an injury or illness.

Scaffolding Construction

In construction or warehouse environments, the scaffolding needs to be assembled according to the highest safety standards and protocol. Otherwise, they become a hazard rather than a tool.


Similarly, when using ladders in your facility, your employees need to know how to utilize them safely and avoid common accidents.


The Lockout/Tagout protocol is essential for machine operators to ensure that electrical energy does not create a continued hazard.

Respiratory Protection

Over the last year, we’ve heard a lot about respiratory protection, and facemasks have become commonplace in many offices. But in some warehouses, you also need to train your staff for any additional irritants and utilize safety equipment to prevent respiratory injury or illness.

Machine Safety

While the transition of machine operators is essential, machine safety is vital for all members of your team. Adhering to safety protocol around or when using machines will need to be a top priority.


In many manufacturing or warehouse environments, vehicles such as forklifts and cherry pickers are standard. It’s essential that operators are trained and that other employees know general safety around the vehicles.

Eye and Face Protection

OSHA also describes eye and face injuries as a significant contributor to workplace claims. Provide the proper protection for eyes and face in environments where dangerous materials or chemicals could cause injuries.

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