Three Ways to Manage Your Company Being Short Staffed

By October 11, 2021 General HR, Managers, Staff

So many businesses across America are facing staffing issues right now. The COVID-19 crisis has impacted every industry, and it can be challenging to find and retain top talent right now. There are many reasons for this, including pay rates, benefits, challenges with schedules, childcare, and sick leave. But for companies experiencing a shortage of staff, none of those reasons matter in the moment. If your business is short-staffed, consider a few solutions to help you stay on track.  

Prioritize Functions 

The first step is to ensure that the work is effectively prioritized. Delegate the most critical tasks first, so things aren’t falling through the cracks. Other “nice to do” jobs may be more accessible, so employees gravitate toward them first, but they’re not the priority. Create a workflow chart so everyone understands what they should be working on when.  

Reassign Tasks 

If you’re short-staffed, it’s time to reassign tasks to your current employees. Choose items that fit with their skillset and experience. Know that they will be taking on more work through this process and give them the tools to succeed. This will help them stay engaged even as they work harder. As you see how projects flow, reevaluate how tasks are handled to see if you can adjust further.  

Show Employee Appreciation  

Don’t let their hard work go unrecognized. Many people are delighted to pitch in when needed as long as they feel appreciated. Be sure to express gratitude regularly, which will spread quickly throughout the company. But also provide additional incentives and rewards for a job well done.  

Partner with a Staffing Agency  

If you’re worried about tasks going unfinished, now is the perfect time to call in for reinforcements. The Vision Companies can help you with short-term temporary help to get you over the hump. We can also work with you to find new talent to hire directly to your staff to avoid employee burnout and bring a fresh perspective to the team.  

Are you experiencing a staffing shortage?

Work with the staffing professionals at The Vision Companies today. Visit our website and talk to us to see how we can enhance your hiring process!

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