No College Degree? No Problem! Consider these Careers!

By October 25, 2021 Job Postings, Job Seekers

While many people choose to pursue a four-year degree, there are just as many who start working immediately out of high school. And a college degree isn’t necessary for a lot of potential careers. If you’re looking for new positions in Minnesota where you can work without having a college degree, consider these growing fields.


There are so many possible jobs within a warehouse that it’s impossible to list them all. A few potentials include:

  • Stocking
  • Assembly
  • Laborer
  • Unloading

These roles don’t require a college degree, but you can work your way into other roles when you have more experience. Entry-level warehouse jobs could lead to supervisory positions in the future if you’re able to demonstrate your potential on the job.

Shipping And Receiving

Shipping and receiving jobs are part of warehouse work but involve more than just material handling. They need someone with computer skills, but you don’t need a college degree to prove you’ve worked with computers. You’ll need to be accurate and willing to do heavy labor. Shipping and receiving can also lead to advancement in the company as well.

Machine Operators

Some industrial or manufacturing environments need machine operators. The most desirable skills to bring to the table for these roles are attention to detail, an eye for safety, and an interest in physical labor. There are many different kinds of machines that can be found in these industries. These jobs do not require college experience to qualify.

Administrative Assistants

You may think that office jobs are out of reach if you haven’t had college experience, but that’s not true. Many administrative roles don’t need a college education. Positions within an office can include data entry, answering phones, customer service, and office organization. These roles are also great to gain new skills and potentially move up in your career.

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