Andrew was originally a Massage Therapist where he quickly moved up to Rehab Specialist at a Chiropractic office. Andrew loved being able to help people get their muscles to feel better and to help them be their best person.  Andrew decided to switch careers and start recruiting so he could help people in a different way.  Andrew says “I felt ‘stuck’ at my previous job for 3-4 years without guidance to figure out something new. I am hoping that being a recruiter, I can help others not have that ‘stuck’ feeling and that I can help them navigate their career.”

What are your hobbies/the most interesting thing about you?
My wife and I go to what is called a Rendezvous. Basically, like a Renaissance festival, but we live in tents, cook over campfires, throw tomahawk, shoot old school archery, and live tech free for several days at a time!

What’s your favorite movie/TV Shows?
Anything Marvel or Star Wars is my JAM!!

Motto you live by?
“Nothing in this world worth having comes easy.”