Human Resources

Carolyn comes to Vision with a broad base of HR experiences.  Carolyn has set up new HR departments and developed HR processes and procedures.  With her diverse professional background which includes working for a background screening company, several professional services organizations, a non-profit and an industrial laundry, Carolyn has dealt with a wide variety of sensitive and tricky HR and management issues.  With her strong operations backgrounds, she understands the big picture as it relates to a customer’s needs and applies her negotiation skills to achieve a positive outcome for Vision’s clients and field employees.

The Library

Why do you love your job?

There are so many reasons!  One of my co-workers once said to me “you were born to do this job” and I loved that.  Perhaps I was born to or perhaps my life experiences are what have brought me here.  A job change is a life changing event.  I have hired people and been hired myself. I have had to let people go and have been let go myself.  Having been on both sides of the table, I think it puts me in a great position to help others navigate job beginnings and endings.

Mottos you live by:

EAT THAT FROG!  Start your day with your most difficult tasks – get them over with and the rest of the day will be easy!

Always act as if you are being watched (From the book “The Integrity Advantage”)

What’s odd about you?

Many are surprised I do not like coffee (I really don’t like how it smells) or cheese (the texture). I DO like pizza though!