Senior Recruiter

Born and raised in Wisconsin Hannah (aka Marie) has been an implanted to Minnesota since 2014 ( Go pack go!)! She started her professional career with Chipotle Mexican Grill as a crew member and worked way up to being a Restaurateur in two years and traveled Minnesota while empowering young individuals to be the best version of themselves and accomplish their goals. That is where she found her passion for serving others and what led her to Vision today! She moved to the Minneapolis area after living in Duluth for 3.5 years and is always taking suggestions on great places to adventure!!

Why do you love your job? My team and helping others. It is rare to find a career where you have the freedom to be yourself AND make a difference in people’s lives. Being able to serve the community is a huge passion of mine.

What do you do outside of work? I love to be outside on the water! I love to kayak and boat with my family. I also love to hike, it is my goal to visit every national park! When I am looking for more of a relaxed day, I will set up my hammock at a local park and read or play the ukulele!

If you were to die by Shark or Lion, what would you pick and why? :Lion. A side from feeling like the ocean is scary and the amazon is nice and warm, I love the concept of a pack. Lions protect each other and work together to accomplish their goals.

Motto you live by: To whom much is given, much is expected. I love this motto and think about it often whether I am at work or out in world. I think it is so important to be grateful for what you have and are working towards and remember that your journey is never done and there is something to work towards.

What is the most interesting thing about you? That I brew beer! I started brewing beer while living in Duluth and then brought it home to Wisconsin.  My dad and I brew beer every other weekend!

What is something people don’t know about you? If I never had to wear shoes, I wouldn’t! But if I had the choice of wearing any shoe- I would always be in my Chacos!