Senior Recruiter

I was born and raised in Wisconsin (Go Pack Go!), but moved to Minnesota and met my husband, Tyler, so decided to stay here. I love sports, being active, and enjoy helping people find ways to incorporate healthy habits into their lifestyle. I also have a huge passion for 2 things – Fighting human trafficking and spreading awareness of this massive issue, and working with students in recovery. My husband and I were married in August 2012, the first 5 years we lived in Colorado for 2 years, had our first child and expecting our second in July 2018!

What do you do outside of work? Go on adventures with my family, help others incorporate healthy choices into their lifestyle, work out, and volunteer with students in recovery.

Favorite Movie/TV shows: Crash, Wizard of Oz,, Friends, Big Bang Theory

Motto you live by: Live the life you imagined instead of continuing to imagine the life you want to live and doing nothing about it. (Show up for your life!)

What is the most interesting thing about you? In Dec. 2016, at 30 years old… I traveled out of the country for the first time! I had the opportunity to go to Cambodia and Thailand for two weeks with a group of strangers and an organization, Destiny Rescue, which fights human trafficking. It was life. changing.

What is something people don’t know about you? My son was born at 35 weeks, measuring at 32 (itty bitty!), and had to spend 3 ½ weeks in the NICU. I had him on a Thursday and went back to work the following Monday morning. People think I’m crazy, but this allowed me to take my full maternity leave when he was home with me and not just sit in the hospital and stare at him.