Struggling with Hard to Fill Jobs? 3 Hacks to Consider

By March 6, 2023 May 2nd, 2023 General HR, Managers

It’s no secret or surprise that filling job openings has been challenging over the last year. The effects of the pandemic, the Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting, and the War on Talent are all still happening, and many businesses are struggling. Here are three things you can emphasize when trying to find candidates for your hard-to-fill jobs.

Emphasis on Pay and Benefits

Pay transparency is becoming a big topic for employers. Several U.S. states have passed laws regarding including salary ranges in job postings. And companies that include it are seeing a significant increase in candidate engagement and even a shorter time-to-hire. It pays to provide this information upfront by attracting top candidates. Be sure to include the salary range and the benefits you offer to show potential employees what they can get when they work with you. Include information about flexible schedules, PTO, and work-from-home whenever applicable.

Provide Flex Scheduling When Possible

When it comes to work/life balance, companies that offer boundaries in this area also see more qualified applicants. Flexible scheduling is becoming increasingly important for employees who want to ensure they leave time for their personal lives. If possible, allow flex schedules to include time off for appointments or engagements that don’t last an entire work day without penalty. They may also be able to adjust their start and end times based on their most productive work schedule.

Offer Opportunities for Growth

Most professionals are not interested in dead ends. They want to continue learning and have opportunities for growth within their organization. Without this, they are likely to seek these opportunities elsewhere. While they will know they won’t be promoted within a few months, new applicants need to see a pathway for growth and career development within the job. Let people know you promote from within, offer upskilling, and continued education.

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