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By December 18, 2015 News, Staff, Success Stories

As I continue to share stories, I am excited to share this one that came straight from our customer in June 2013…an oldie but a goodie!

I believe you already heard about our night shift temp from Vision Staffing who received the “Star Performer of the Month” (by the way, he has now hired on with us).  Well, what you         probably didn’t hear the “rest of the story” as Paul Harvey would say.

Vision brought over 3 of their staffing personnel yesterday afternoon to present Daniel with his award.  The recipients don’t know that they are receiving the award until the Vision Staff shows up to give it to them – generally – they have no clue. 

We gathered the whole night crew in the break room and the Vision Staff proceeded to present the award to Dan, quoting both Craig and their staff on the positive things they’ve heard about his work, etc. leading up to the award.  Dan was visibly “emotional” about the whole ordeal as I think this may have been something he hadn’t experienced in life before. (They also brought chips and cookies for the whole warehouse staff.)

The rest of the story – Dan rides his bicycle – yes, that’s right – bicycle to work every day.  He figures he’s put close to 1000 miles on his bike since he started with us in February.   Vision was told about Dan having to ride his bicycle to work so as part of the reward that Dan received in addition to his name engraved clock and having his name on the Vision company plaque, was an odometer/computer for his bicycle.  Dan was elated as he related to the Vision staff that he had talked with his wife about always wanting an odometer for his bicycle.  He lives close to a Wal-Mart so he walks there for his groceries, etc. and had looked at odometers there before.

Here’s a man who has taken lemons and turned them into lemonade.  His comment on all the miles he puts on just to get to work and back was that it allows him to be in the best shape he’s ever been in.

After the awards, I talked with Jaclyn from Vision who first interviewed Dan for a position at their staffing agency.  She mentioned how they really didn’t have anything available for him at the time and how Dan pleaded with her and let her know that he would make them proud, he would be a dedicated employee, and that he would work as hard as he could no matter where they placed him.  Jaclyn said there was something about his sincerity that made her want to find him something sooner than later.  He was unemployed and desperate to support himself and family.  As Dan stated to Jaclyn after receiving his award and thanking them for the opportunity, “I’ve come a long way since last time you saw me, I had nothing and now I have a good job” and he thanked everyone for the opportunity – pretty cool stuff!!!

I’d have to say, we’re lucky to have him. 

If you find yourself in the warehouse after 3:30PM, please feel free to congratulate Dan on his “Star” performance!!     

~Kurt: Vision Client

The opportunities we have to make a difference go well beyond ‘just’ securing a job for someone. It’s the little moments, the seemingly repetitive moments in our every days that add up to powerful differences.

Happy Friday everyone!

Heather Farr

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