The Top Qualities of a Good Employee and Ways it Makes Them Successful

By February 17, 2021 April 30th, 2021 Job Seekers

Talent isn’t the only thing that makes an employee successful. Everything you bring to the table informs how you will fit in with the company culture and influences your productivity. So what are employers looking for and cultivating with their new hires? Let’s take a closer look at what makes a good employee and why these factors are so important.


Do you love what you do? This can be a loaded question because there are always aspects of any job that you may not be fully passionate about, but that’s not what an employer wants to know. They want to understand that you have a passion or a drive to be in this industry and, specifically, to work for their organization. You should demonstrate why you do what you do and how you gain personal growth and satisfaction from your work.

Work Ethic

This has long been a driving force for success in the workforce, but it has a lot of nuanced meaning. Work ethic isn’t just about working longer hours or harder than the people around you. It’s about working efficiently, ethically, and with integrity. It’s about not being late to work or not shifting blame when something goes wrong.


Of course, employers are also looking for honest team members. Honesty has many indicators, including kindness, gratitude, the ability to take responsibility, and how you handle yourself in difficult situations. Honesty doesn’t always mean “telling it like it is.” It’s about how you comport yourself around others and the actions you take when something requires attention.


Employers really want to see an employee who has confidence. This includes self-starting behavior and the ability to believe in what you’re doing. Confidence also means a positive attitude and the ability to find solutions even when something seems impossible. But be careful; confidence is often misconstrued as arrogance, so don’t allow your attitude to tip you over the edge.


Of course, very few people work independently of others, so it’s important to be able and willing to work well with others. When you’re conveying your ability to work in a team during the interview process, you need to go beyond simply stating that you’re a “team player.” Share details of how you work well with others and achieve results.

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