We’re Busting the Top Myths Around Staffing Firms

By July 18, 2022 Job Seekers

Have you ever considered working with a staffing or recruiting agency during your job search? There are a lot of misconceptions about staffing firms, what they do, and how they work. In this blog post, we want to bust the top myths about the staffing and recruiting industry. Here are some things you should know as you continue your job search.

Myth: They Staff Only Temp Jobs

While the term “temporary” is often used in conjunction with staffing agencies, that isn’t always the bulk of what they do. Temporary work has a time and a place and can be a valuable option for many people, but recruiters also place long-term, temporary to hire, and permanent placement jobs.

Myth: There Aren’t Great Opportunities

Many think staffing agencies are at the bottom of the barrel for opportunities, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Staffing agencies staff various positions at all levels, often including professional and executive roles. Working with a recruiter expands your network.

Myth: Recruiters are Only in it for Themselves

The myth persists that recruiters are only in their jobs to make money for themselves. There is a belief that recruiters exploit candidates to get a significant commission. But this isn’t true. Recruiters work with their client companies to find top talent. The more successful you are as a candidate, the better job the recruiter has done.

Myth: They Only Have Part-Time Jobs

Some believe staffing agencies are only for low-level part-time jobs, not full-time ones. While many recruiters staff various positions, including part-time, plenty of full-time jobs are available through staffing firms. Your recruiter will work with you to make the best possible career match.

Myth: You Get Paid Less

Probably the most persistent incorrect belief about staffing firms is that they take a cut the employee’s pay, leading to lower rates. But as an employee, your pay rate is never affected. You get paid whatever the agreed-upon rate is. The client company pays a percentage to the agency for their administrative services, such as providing payroll and taking care of employment taxes.


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