Exceptional staffing services for companies in Minneapolis and beyond.

Why Work with a Staffing Agency in MN?

High-performing employees are conceivably the most valuable assets within any company, yet hiring them may prove to be the most time-consuming and costly expense that you incur. Incorporating solutions from a reputable Minnesota staffing firm into your HR strategy will positively influence your bottom line as you receive customized, dedicated service.

The Vision Companies Can Help

Since 1985, employers throughout Minnesota, including those in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Blaine, Bloomington, and Rogers, have relied on TVC to deliver qualified employees to expand their business operations.

Access Talent

The Vision Companies has greater access to MN talent through our extensive network, advertising efforts, and focused recruitment channels. Accessing this talent will enable you to:

  • Hire employees with unique skill sets that are industry-specific
  • Reduce high recruitment costs of subscribing to expensive job boards and other resume sources
  • Maximize your time while we process, qualify, and profile your top talent choices

Increase Flexibility

Our temporary and temp-to-hire staffing services allow you to adjust your workforce to meet changing needs in demand and workload. We also offer direct hire recruiting for permanent placement positions. The flexibility benefits your company by:

  • Preventing burnout among regular employees during periods of peak demand by increasing workforce, and therefore, reducing absenteeism and worker’s compensation claims
  • Matching workforce to workload without increasing new hire costs
  • Avoiding layoffs during slow periods, which increases employee morals

Lower Employment Costs

The Vision Companies assumes all employment costs of our employees, including employment taxes, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation, and employee benefits. Additionally, our staffing services lower your costs by:

  • Eliminating overtime costs by flexibly adjusting workforce size
  • Reducing turnover costs and risk of turnover. If you realize within the first 4 hours of your assignment that our employee is not a good match for the position, we will replace him/her and credit your account
  • Eliminating the cost of overstaffing during slow periods in demand

Save Time

We understand that your time is valuable. Time spent recruiting, screening, interviewing, training and managing your employees can be outsourced to free you to tackle other challenges. The Vision Companies will save you time by:

  • Performing all human resource tasks in the hiring process prior to the assignment start date
  • Presenting you with three to five top candidates for your review, instead of the hundreds that apply to an advertised position opening
  • Managing all administrative duties for the employee, including payroll, benefits, and Employee Assistance Programs

Increase Productivity

Our services will save you time and money and increase productivity at your company. Increased productivity results because:

  • Your company is able to increase workload or take on more projects
  • The Vision Companies’ employees are trained to focus on the responsibilities outline in the job description, allowing your company to achieve the results required for success
  • You are able to concentrate on managing and training your own staff