Your Outdated Hiring Process is Costing you Top Talent

By March 28, 2022 General HR, Managers

The job market has shifted dramatically in the last two years. With the turnover tsunami affecting millions of employers, candidates hold a lot of the power. If your hiring process is outdated, it might cost you the talent you can’t afford to lose. Here are the most important things to avoid.

Long and Tedious Applications

With the advent of the internet, candidates are no longer willing to spend too much time on any application. Why? Because they can just as easily apply to a similar job with one click. By making the application more complicated, you may think you’re ruling out unqualified candidates, but you’re also ruling out top talent.

Ghosting Candidates

So many applicants feel frustrated when they submit a resume and never hear anything from the company. But with today’s technology, this black hole doesn’t need to exist. Some companies utilize chatbots or automated emails that let potential candidates know what to expect next if they’re considered for the opportunity.

Too Many Rounds of Interviews

As an employer, you want to be confident that your newest hire is the perfect match for your company. So that might mean an initial phone screen, a first interview, and then multiple additional interviews with various team members. But dragging the process out means you risk losing great candidates interviewing with other companies.

Creating Vague Job Descriptions

You may think the job description is simply a formality, but it’s the most essential tool in your toolbox. A vague job description that details the duties and doesn’t tell the candidates what to expect when working with your company won’t attract them. You don’t just want to catalog what a candidate can do for you; you want to show them what working with you can do for them.

Lack of Flexibility

Job seekers come from a lot of backgrounds. Some are not currently employed, while others are still working. So by only allowing interviews during business hours, you may be losing out on candidates who are ready to move on from their current position. There are ways to provide flexibility in interviewing, especially with virtual options being so standard today. Do a video interview after hours, meet them at a coffee shop near their work during lunch, or be willing to come in for an hour on the weekend.

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