We are committed to controlling and reducing our environmental impact on the communities in which we live and work.  We strive to regularly revise our business practices and utilize more innovative business solutions that have a lesser effect on the environment. 

Adopt a Highway

Our prided stretch of tar and green is located on Highway 101 between Rogers and Elk River.  We adopted the area over 18 years ago to ensure that this main commute artery would remain clean, healthy, and visually appealing.  Our staff regularly rolls up their sleeves to dispose of the waste and litter that accumulates along the highway.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Three words to live by.  At Vision Staffing Solutions, we have reduced the amount of paper we use by 85%.   We reuse file folders that have been in circulation for 22 years and we recycle just about everything else!  We placed great importance on reducing our business’s impact on the environment.

Paperless = Happiness

Simple concept:  Less paper = more trees = better environment = happy, healthy beings.

We have taken steps to computerize our application process, thereby reducing the paper used from 20 sheets to 3!  By adopting this innovative business solution, our applicants save time, are able to apply 24/7, and help us in saving over 5 trees every year!