Hiring Strategies


The service involves our employee in your work environment for 520 hours before you can make the decision to hire him/her on to your payroll. Bringing them on to your payroll is free of charge to our clients once they meet the hour requirement.

Clients use this service because it eliminates the risk and high costs associated with hiring a below-average employee. It give you and the employee a chance to test each other out to make sure it is the right fit!
Employees want to join companies on a trial basis for many of the same reasons that clients lists:

  • Avoid making the wrong decision
  • Save time in the job search
  • Ease uncertainty about fitting into the work environment and company culture


The average temporary position lasts three to four months; however, this services option gives us the capability of assisting companies with positions from 4 hours to many years.

Client companies use this service to control temporary increases in demand or projects, and/or when a unique skill set is needed. Its purpose is to better match workforce to workload. We meet company needs immediately at a fraction of the time and cost.

Employees come to Vision with their own unique needs; they value the flexibility of temporary job placement. Employees increase their job opportunities while receiving free, personalized service from one of our experienced Recruiters!


Our payrolling service is offered to clients who send their applicants to us. We will “payroll” the employee at a reduced hourly billing rate that excludes recruiting and advertising costs. The applicants are eligible for permanent hire at any time at no extra charge. Some clients have their entire staff payrolled through Vision to eliminate the need for HR and Payroll personnel or to qualify their staff for our generous employee benefits.

Clients payroll their employees to eliminate the high costs and hassle of hiring a Payroll Specialist and paying full employee benefits, employment taxes, unemployment insurance, and workers compensation.
Employees are referred to Vision through the companies where they wish to work. After a completed assignment, many employees contact Vision to find their next assignment.

Technical Contract

This service is offered for technical and professional placements. Our employee is in your work environment for 1040 hours before you can make the decision to hire him/her permanently. It is ideal for companies that need more time to evaluate an employee in the work environment due to a lengthy project.

Client companies enjoy our network of technical contractors. Many contractors have done work in the past for Vision clients, so this service has a lower risk and therefore, a lower cost to clients.
Employees will utilize this service to have access to many different company projects at once. After completion of a project at one company, employees simply return to Vision for the next assignment.

Direct Hire

For executive, professional and technical direct placements, Vision recruits and presents highly screened individuals from our network of top talent.
Clients use our direct hire service to gain access to qualified candidates that are available only to Vision through our extensive network. This saves our clients a great deal of time and recruiting costs.

Employees find our free service appealing when they are ready for a career change. Our staffing experts uncover the employees’ needs and skills and assist them in finding a new opportunity that will challenge them.

On-Site Services

We offer on-site services for qualified clients with high volume orders. One of our professional Recruiters will stay at the client’s facility to perform all human resource functions including:

  • Recruiting, interviewing, testing, selecting, and hiring employees
  • Employee orientation
  • Employee training and assistance programs
  • Managing performance
  • Performing all administrative tasks

Clients take advantage of this service option when their needs change quickly, when they desire assistance with management, and/or when they have a high volume of Vision employees at their company. This option ensures complete communication of all employee happenings and company needs at no extra charge to the client.

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