Contract Recruiter

Jaclyn started working at Vision in February of 2012 and has had the privilege of meeting a lot of wonderful people during her time here.  Recruiting has given her a whole new outlook on continuing education as she feels there is so much information to learn about the industry and from the new people she meets daily.  She stays busy with the Health, Wellness, and Community Committee and is always looking for new ways to keep everybody healthy and active.  In her spare time, she enjoys being with her husband and four children, cooking, reading and being outdoors.

Why do you love your job: I have the opportunity to improve someone’s life by leading them to opportunities they may have otherwise not known about!  If they did know about it, I am still are able to greatly affect their chances of getting the job they want!

Favorite movie/TV show: I enjoy watching comedies and documentaries.

Your favorite sport: Volleyball, but I do love basketball as well.

Motto to live by: Serving others is what brings the most joy in life!