Managing Partner: HR/Finance

Megan came to The Vision Companies in 2012 as a managing partner.  With her drive and enthusiasm, along with her ability to challenge a process and see the big picture, she has been a real asset.  Megan has a degree in Accounting and Finance and came to us after years in the corporate world. (She worked for a little company called Cargill, that some people might be familiar with.)   She has a black belt in Six Sigma which may be why she is excellent at delving into policies and procedures and finding solutions for the future, one person at a time.

What do you do when you’re not working: …think about work! Actually, I have two buckets: my first bucket is my priority items that never change in my life. These include working on my mind with yoga, barre class or running; and working on my mind by reading, watching documentaries or playing along with Brain Games on the National Geographic channel and learning new things every day. My second bucket is my home life.  My husband and I LOVE to TRAVEL and explore new places and restaurants.  Lucky for me, he speaks 5 languages fluently, which is so handy when we travel across the pond.  We are proud parents of a little girl, born in 2016.

Your secret ambition: I have a few, but I’ll narrow it down to:

  • I wish I was handy. I love watching HGTV or looking up DIY, but I just don’t have that gene.
  • I’ve always wanted to work as a coffee barista. I mean who isn’t happy when they’re at a coffee shop?!?
  • I’d love to travel to all 7 continents, I’ve already been to 4 out of the 7. ( I have Africa, Antarctica, and Australia left!)

Book you’ve read lately:  Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World by Adam Grant. It was truly fascinating and has powerful ideas. For example, Grant makes the case for the upside of procrastination. Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci didn’t get his big break till his mid-40s and was a world-class procrastinator, tinkering with the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper for over 15 years? Or that Martin Luther King Jr didn’t write his “I have a dream” speech until the night before, and then winged its most memorable parts? Fascinating!