12 Days of Christmas Stories – Day 2

By December 23, 2018 December 27th, 2018 12 Days of Christmas

We celebrated one of our Christmas’ today with family and it reminded me why I love this time of year so much. The season and spirit of giving is everywhere around us, memories are made daily, and traditions are celebrated.

This week was an incredibly busy week for us at Vision, and not only are we so proud and thankful to have the opportunity to say THANK YOU, but I was blessed to witness and hear so many stories. Here are just a few that stand out…

  • Titus came back this year, it’s his 3rd year joining us. He always brings his kids and has a super big smile on his face that warms your heart. I’ve shared stories about Titus before, and I continue to be proud that he comes back to celebrate with us and stay in touch. See you next year, Titus J
  • Tony was here for two of our events! He said “I’m just so happy – this is the BEST employer I have EVER worked for!” – we’re proud to have been a part of that connection.
  • Ron came by, I couldn’t tell you how many times he’s been here but I know it’s more than 4! He brought his wife this year and his genuine smile. It’s always great to see familiar faces!
  • Brian popped by after work and said “I love where I work so much! I hope they love me, because I’m retiring here!”
  • Our customer, Kevin, said that he was SO THRILLED with our last placement “She’s just the most perfect placement! Right attitude and just so great!” – her recruiter almost cried hearing that in person. It means the world to us.
  • Glen came by after work, but he brought his granddaughter along! He’s worked for us for 7 years! Thanks for putting a smile on all of our faces, Glen!
  • Donna surprised us again this year, I hope she comes every year! I’ll take a hug from her any day of the week! SO great to see you Donna, glad you’re not sick of us after 7 years J
  • Dale visited us and I was so thrilled to meet him! He was hired on over 8 years ago and referred his son to us this year! Dale, thanks for popping by for a visit and remembering who we are!
  • Norma came and gave us the biggest hug ever! She’s worked for us on SO MANY assignments and is loved everywhere she goes – including here!
  • I placed Carl, my brother’s best friend, over 8 years ago and he’s still there! I’m so happy he stops by to say hi and enjoy the free food (as he puts it!), this year he told me, “It gets bigger and better every year, you guys are serious about these decorations and it’s fun to see!”
  • Jim used to be our employee, then our contact at a customer, and then back to our employee (did you follow?!). Jim’s story is a special one that we connected with him on and it’s very personal, let’s just say that him swinging by to say hi meant a lot to both him and us – keep rockin Jim, we’ll always believe in you.

This is getting really long, I could go on for days and days!

Look for the spirit around you, look for the peace, the goodwill, and the memories being made and let it carry you through the year ahead. I know we get caught up in giving gifts – but give of your heart, give of your time, give of your intention, give in whatever way you can.

Merry Christmas to you and yours,


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