12 Days of Christmas Stories 2021: Day 9

Look for the good. Be grateful.

Most mornings in our house start with “I’m alive, awake, joyous and enthuuuuuuusiastic for the wonderful day the Lord has given us!” ❤ We have grateful hearts in our house and although some days it’s more difficult to find the good than others, we practice looking for it every. Single. Day.

Can our hearts truly be generous without first being grateful in your own life? I feel like gratitude is always important and it’s impossible to be too grateful.  A few stories of gratitude….

  • We found Duane on the job boards – he reminds us of loved ones in our own family. He had been in his position for 6+ years, he was making $13/hr. He is the sole care provider for his teenage grandson. He had a desire to give back to the community he has lived in for over 30 years. Our opportunity fit his needs, and he’s doing just that. He’s been loving the position, familiar faces, and supportive community. Way cool, Duane.
  • Carter has been with us since 2004. He was originally hired on perm at our customer and then his career took a turn elsewhere. He called us crying one day, he had passed out on the shop floor of his current work – it was such a hostile environment, they didn’t allow for breaks, water, etc. He was too desperate to be working he didn’t feel like he could leave. Our heart broke for him – people deserve better than this. We got him interviewing off shift, met with the first customer and they hit it off! He was phenomenal; flawless attendance, strong performer. He called us weekly to share his gratitude – he found a home at a company that values him, respects him, and gives him balance to be at home with his family too. What a gem.
  • Darrell was laid off from our client a few years back and he came to us when he heard we had an opening for them. He was a really strong interview; thorough, thoughtful, respectful and had a deep desire to return to this company because he was grateful for their values, benefits, and overall culture. He was so humble and real. Unfortunately COVID happened and the need was delayed until this year when it was back on the table and he shared with us, “The thought of going back fills my heart, let me prove to you!” – You’re doing it, Darrell – and you’re doing so great!

Today is our big day – our Annual Customer & Employee Appreciation event when we open our doors and ask that you join as we say THANK YOU for being with us in 2021 and in the years to come. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve the community around us and can’t wait to celebrate with you today 10am – 6pm ❤

See you today & back here tomorrow for more stories,


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