3 Transferable Skills That Will Benefit you Job to Job

By January 30, 2023 May 2nd, 2023 Job Seekers

Are you a career changer? Do you want to switch up your industry or job functions? Changing careers can be easier than you think. Many skills you already have can be relevant to a new role. Here are some ways to position yourself when changing careers and lean into your transferable skills to set you apart.

Assess Your Skills

You may not even realize how your current skills can apply to a new position. These skills are known as transferable skills. For example, if you have been in customer service and want to move to another industry, your customer service skills can be applied to your new career. Assess all your skills and figure out how to use them in another role.

Match to Job Description

Once you have a list of your transferable skills, review the job description again. How can you draw parallels between what you’ve done and what they need? This will help you create a narrative that can showcase how you will be a good fit for their job.

Provide Examples

Now is the time to provide examples. In a traditional interview, when you’re applying skills to the same job, you would talk about how you did that in your previous role. This time, it’s up to you to connect the dots. Show how your skills can help this job grow as you learn the specifics over time.

Focus on Power Skills and Life Experience

Soft skills, now often referred to as “power skills,” are those personal traits that help you succeed. Focus on communication, organization, time management, and emotional intelligence. You can also use your life experience to provide additional details and ways that you know how to succeed even when you face adversity.


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