4 Tips to Aid your Return to the Workforce

By October 3, 2022 Job Seekers

Have you been out of the workforce for a while? You’re not alone. Many people take time away from work to raise children, handle family obligations, move, go back to school, or make significant career changes. If you’re ready to reenter the workplace, we want to provide four simple tips that can help you get started in your search.

Update Your Resume and Online Presence

Start with the most straightforward thing: your resume. It may have been a while since you looked at it, so it feels daunting, but it is the best first step. Review some ways to create a modern resume that will attract a recruiter or hiring manager’s attention. Include information about things you’ve done since you were out of the workforce, including volunteer work. And update your online presence, especially on LinkedIn, to connect with people who could help you land a new position.

Keep Up with Your Industry

If you want to stick with what you know, it’s crucial to stay up to date with the latest and greatest. Keep up with your industry by joining an association, reading everything about changes, subscribing to newsletters, and maintaining contacts from your previous career. Be willing to get more education in areas where you may not have as much experience since you last handled this type of position.

Consider Working Short-Term or Part-Time

Sometimes, your career needs a pick-me-up to get your feet wet again. Consider working short-term or part-time positions to get back into the schedule and swing of working outside the home. You can even volunteer with an organization in your community. These opportunities could also act as resume builders if you need to include additional and recent experience on your resume.

Apply with a Staffing Agency

Don’t forget to apply with a recruiter. Staffing agencies have resources to help people returning to the workforce find excellent opportunities. They can help with temporary assignments as you get back into the routine of working. They are often the first to get new job openings before positions are listed for the general public, which can work to your advantage.


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