4 Ways to Show Your Employer That You Deserve a Promotion

By September 5, 2022 Job Seekers

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Impressing your employer that you deserve a promotion and raise is essential to reaching your goals. So how can you communicate that you’re ready for more responsibility in the organization? Here are four ways to show your employer that you deserve the next steps.

Explain Your Why

The most important thing you can communicate to your employer is your why. Why do you want a promotion? Why are you looking for more responsibility? Why do you like working for the company, and what can you bring to the table to make this promotion worthwhile?

Make a List of Accomplishments

Your employer may look to you for justification that you’re the best person for the promotion. So go ahead and make a list of your accomplishments in your current role. What have you done that was impressive, exceeded expectations, and made a big difference in your organization?

Demonstrate Your Willingness to Advance

You need to be enthusiastic and excited about the future within the company. Even before you approach your boss about a discussion, you should give the impression daily that you are interested in taking on more responsibility.

Showcase the Benefits of Promoting You

The last step of the process is to showcase why you are the right person for a promotion over other people in your organization or outside candidates. This needs to be handled positively and professionally, focusing on your skills, abilities, and drive.


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