5 Strategies to Increase Employee Engagement This Summer

By July 11, 2022 Managers

The summertime blues are a genuine thing. Even though everyone enjoys the summertime, it can lead to decreased morale and overall employee productivity. Why? Because people are daydreaming about all the places they would rather be than work. If you’re struggling to keep up in your company or department, here are five strategies to help increase employee engagement.

Offer Flexible Shifts

Many employees agree that more flexibility in schedules is a huge motivator in the workplace. Offer the option to come in early or later than the typical start time. Or provide flex time, so someone doesn’t have to take PTO for personal commitments such as doctor’s appointments or children’s activities.

Motivate with Days Off

You also have the power to provide additional days off. Some companies will offer every other Friday off during the summer. This isn’t deducted from vacation time, and the hours aren’t made up in different ways. They trust that their employees can complete everything in the time allowed each week.

Set Short-Term Goals

Seeing results from efforts is a huge motivator. Setting short-term goals throughout the summer to engage your team and encourage them to see progress will help keep them excited about the work. You can even gamify these goals to create additional incentives.

Make a Summer Dress Code

A change in dress code can help get your employees back in the summertime groove. If your office is typically business casual, allow jeans through the summer or at least on Fridays. It’s okay to keep rules in place to encourage appropriate dress in the workplace.

Sponsor Activities for Employees’ Children

When school is out, it’s easy to see how parents in the workplace can become distracted in the summer. They may not have the resources or support for additional childcare. You can help by providing activities. If it’s in the budget, offer tuition to local day camps. Or sponsor activities right in the office.


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