Addressing Absenteeism in Production and Warehouse Positions

By August 16, 2021 Managers

It’s a strange time for a lot of industries. Many employers are seeing problems with finding and retaining talent in various positions, including the warehouse. This can often manifest as attendance problems as employees push the limits to see what they can get away with at work. What can you do to address absenteeism in your production positions? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Offer Flexible Scheduling

We learned over the last year that all employees crave a better work/life balance. Flexible scheduling can help warehouse workers plan their days to ensure that they can perform their work to the best of their ability without compromising important aspects of their personal lives. With the proper staffing process, you will be able to ensure your warehouse floor is fully staffed even when people need to use their flexible schedules.

Revisit Your Benefits

The COVID-19 pandemic also highlighted the need for health benefits and sick time to allow for people experiencing symptoms to avoid spreading illnesses. This isn’t just for the employee, but also as a caretaker of their loved ones. Providing access to health benefits is just the beginning to improve employee morale and prevent absenteeism.

Reward Positive Attendance

Many companies approach absenteeism as a need to punish those who aren’t at work on time. Instead, consider rewarding positive attendance as motivation for your team. While it may seem like getting to work on time is the baseline, you can provide added incentives to ensure that people want to be to work on time.

Provide Growth Opportunities

Sometimes we don’t address the underlying cause of absenteeism. When employees start to feel stuck in a rut, they are less likely to put their energy into the position. This can lead to burnout and behaviors such as absenteeism. Instead, make sure you’re providing growth opportunities and career advancement to star employees to keep them engaged.

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