Are “Boomerang Employees” the Next Big Thing in 2023?

By January 23, 2023 May 2nd, 2023 Managers

What is a boomerang employee? The concept has been around for a long time, but in the aftermath of The Great Resignation, it’s become a more significant issue. From massive layoffs and slow rehiring, and the turnover tsunami, companies are starting to see former talent knock on their doors again. Let’s look at what boomerang employees are and how they could be the next big hiring trend.

What is a Boomerang Employee

Boomerang employees are those who leave your company but return at a later date. Sometimes this happens quickly as someone discovers that the greener pastures they left aren’t what they expected. Sometimes it occurs after a significant life change, and they’re ready to return to work. You may be their first call because they already have a comfort level with your environment.

Which Employees to Hire Back

Of course, not all employees who departed your company are people you want back. It’s essential to recognize why they left and if anything has changed about their circumstances or your organization to make it a good fit when they return. The best boomerang employees are those who left on good terms. You may also consider employees who left to gain additional experience or learn new skills that can now benefit your organization.

Consider the Concerns

The biggest concern for employers is that if employees leave once, they might do it again. But there can be multiple reasons someone decided to go, and it’s important not to measure loyalty by these experiences. You may also be concerned about their reintegration into the company culture, which could have shifted. Be sure to provide onboarding even for employees who’ve worked for you before.

Encourage More Returns

When an employee resigns on good terms, ensure they know there will be a place for them if anything changes. Your management team should continue to foster relationships with previous employees by connecting on LinkedIn. Create a culture of belonging that will encourage people to remember your workplace fondly and consider returning when circumstances change.

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