Strategies for Finding and Hiring Top Talent for Administrative Roles

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From administrative assistants, file clerks, and front-desk receptionists to office coordinators, customer service representatives, and project administrators – it’s these kinds of clerical and administrative professionals that keep the wheels turning at your organization, day in and day out. They are the unsung heroes, the glue that holds everything together.  

That’s why finding and hiring the right person for the job is so important. 

Of course, that can be easier said than done, especially in today’s tough, candidate-driven hiring market. Quality talent is hard to come by, and it can be difficult to entice reliable, hard-working administrative talent to join your company over your competitors’. This is where the services of an administrative staffing agency come in.  

If you’ve never considered utilizing an office staffing agency to fill your company’s open administrative roles, you may wonder: how does it work, exactly, and what are the benefits? Keep reading to learn more about how administrative staffing firms can help you engage, attract, and hire the best office talent out there. 

How Do Administrative Staffing Agencies Work? 

At the most fundamental level, a staffing agency works to source and hire talent on your company’s behalf. Skilled industry recruiters will use their unique sourcing methods – state-of-the-art technology, a deep candidate database, longstanding industry connections, and more – to find talented individuals that suit your company’s needs. From there, they’ll set up interviews and conduct screenings to ensure the candidate is the right fit. Then, you choose to bring that person onto your team. 

There are various services that administrative staffing agencies provide designed to meet the different hiring needs you may have. They include: 

  • Temporary Staffing – A temporary employee remains on the staffing agency’s payroll while they’re placed at your facility. You can bring on temporary employees as needed to fill a gap for a short- or long-term period, cover for absences like family leave or vacations, or adapt to increased demand at your office.  
  • Temp-to-Hire Staffing – In a temp-to-hire arrangement, the temporary employee remains on the staffing firm’s payroll for a set probationary period. During this period, you get to evaluate the employee for skills, work ethic, and cultural fit within your organization. At the end of the probationary period, you decide whether you’d like to transfer them to your payroll and bring them on as a full-time employee. 
  • Direct Hire Staffing – Direct hire staffing means the staffing agency takes care of the entire recruitment process on your behalf to fill your organization’s full-time roles. The agency will present you with a list of highly qualified candidates for your opening, and you choose the best fit. 

5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Utilize Administrative Staffing Services in Minneapolis 

We’ve learned what an administrative staffing agency can do for your business. The question remains: why engage the services of a hiring firm when you could go about the talent search on your own? 

The truth is that there are several benefits to utilizing an office staffing agency when you need to fill critical administrative jobs within your organization.  

Administrative Staffing Agencies Help Reduce Hiring Risks 

Did you know that the U.S. Department of Labor estimates the potential risk of a bad hire (a hire that doesn’t work out) at 30% or more of the individual’s expected first-year earnings? So, if you hire an employee at a $45,000 annual salary and they don’t stick around, your company has just lost out to the tune of $13,500 – at a minimum. 

Obviously, you’ll want to avoid this risk if you can. That’s one of the chief benefits of using an administrative staffing firm: recruiters use an extensive and thorough vetting process to make sure the hire is the right fit for your organization, reducing the likelihood of a bad hire. And if you hire a temporary or temp-to-hire employee, the worker isn’t on your payroll, to begin with – the staffing firm assumes the risk of an employee not working out, and they’re able to replace them quickly if the worst does happen. 

Streamline the Hiring Process of Administrative and Office Staffing 

Let’s face it: hiring isn’t always easy. One of the greatest benefits of working with a clerical staffing agency is the way professional recruiters will streamline and simplify the process of finding top talent for your open roles. You can sit back and relax while the agency’s recruiters go to work – then, you’ll simply choose the best fit for your needs once the recruitment process is done and you’re presented with candidate options.  

When your company goes about the hiring process alone, you’re limited to the resources at your disposal. Since professional recruiters make it their business to know administrative talent and the market as a whole, the process is going to be much more streamlined and effective than it would be otherwise. 

Gain Faster Access to Skilled and Qualified Administrative Professionals

Sometimes, filling a role quickly is vital to the success of your organization. You don’t always have the luxury of waiting around for months while a job sits open. In fact, that’s likely to cause a drain on resources and office morale, and it can even start to affect bottom-line revenue as more work goes undone.  

Partnering with an administrative staffing agency allows you to fill roles quickly with qualified professionals. Because recruiters have access to a large, constantly updated database of candidates, they can quickly find someone who checks all your boxes – in a short timeframe, that individual will be vetted and onboarded with your company, avoiding bottlenecks and keeping workflows moving. 

Partnering with an Administrative Staffing Agency Help Save Time, Money, and Resources  

How much time would your internal HR team take to hire a new administrative expert? Consider the time that goes into creating job postings, screening resumes, scheduling multiple rounds of interviews, and negotiating an offer… it takes a lot of time and resources.  

In most cases, the bill rates that a staffing agency charges for their services actually help employers save money on hiring – you’ll save time and money by allowing a staffing firm to find you the right person the first time. And remember: the risk of a bad hire can be significant, so you’ll want to do all you can to avoid the problem in the first place. Allowing an office staffing agency to work its magic is a great way to do that. 

Expert Administrative Staffing Solutions for Managing Hiring Needs During Seasonal Fluctuations 

Depending on your industry, you may have seasonal fluctuations where there is increased demand. A retail company might have higher demand during back-to-school season, for example, and need more administrative staff to handle the extra orders. This can be a tough time for your organization as your core staff gets stretched thin.  

One of the best ways to manage seasonal fluctuation is through temporary administrative staffing. You can add to your team to meet the extra demand, scaling up your workforce as needed without adding to your full-time headcount. Then, when the demand decreases, you scale back your temporary workforce – there’s no need for layoffs or reduced hours. This method helps you meet the demand without putting an undue burden on your permanent staff, and it’s cost-effective at the same time. 

Administrative Recruiters Are Industry Experts 

There’s a chance your HR team doesn’t know the full extent of the duties and responsibilities an administrative worker has. This could result in an inaccurate job description and, in turn, a candidate that doesn’t fully fit the requirements of the role.  

Administrative recruiters are experts in this field – they know administrative and clerical jobs inside and out. Thanks to this insider knowledge of what your company needs, it ensures you’ll hire the right person. Plus, recruiters can give you insight into local market trends, current salary ranges, and other key information that is vital to making the right hire. 

Leverage Administrative Staffing Services in Minneapolis to Discover Skilled Candidates for Administrative and Clerical Roles 

Are you searching for qualified administrative talent to support your business? Whether it’s an office manager or an executive assistant, a receptionist or an administrative coordinator, turn to the leading office staffing firm providing administrative staffing services in Minneapolis: The Vision Companies. Since 1985, we have been matching skilled professionals with Minnesota’s top employers, and our industry-expert recruiters are ready to assist in your talent search. 

Our administrative staffing services include temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct-hire services to meet the needs of your business. Whether you’re looking to bring on temporary workers to meet seasonal demand or cover a skills gap, or you’re ready to find your next full-time team member to help shape the future of your organization, we can help. 

Ready to get started? Contact The Vision Companies today. 

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