Employees still Quitting? We Know Why

By March 20, 2023 May 2nd, 2023 General HR, Managers

With fears around a recession, many businesses wonder why The Great Resignation hasn’t stopped. It’s still a job seeker’s market with more open positions than candidates to fill them. While the Great Reshuffle may have slowed down, some employees still leave their jobs to pursue new opportunities. It’s helpful to understand the reasons why. While there may be infinite reasons someone can look for another job, let’s take a closer look at the top three reasons employees quit.

Employees Don’t Feel Valued

One of the main reasons good employees leave is that they don’t feel valued, respected, or appreciated on the job. To counter this trend, you must evaluate how you provide positive feedback, acknowledge success, and reward performance. Even saying “thank you” regularly can change your workplace’s culture and make your employees feel more valued every day. Focus on DEI initiatives to promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace.

Employees Can’t Have Work/Life Balance

When employees feel like their employers don’t care about their work/life balance, they will look for an environment that does. Do you regularly rely on your employees to work extra hours? Do you text or email when they’re supposed to be off the clock and expect an answer? These are toxic behaviors that are no longer acceptable. Respect your employees’ boundaries and find ways to ensure they don’t feel overworked, including hiring more employees or engaging temporary staff to help out.

Employees are Concerned about The Future of the Company

The rumor mill can be a significant concern for many employers. If your employees aren’t getting their information directly from senior managers, they will make assumptions. To retain employees and make them feel like they’re contributing to the success of your business, it’s essential to be transparent about everything, including the company’s future.

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